The Main Reason I Could Never Fully Retire

18-07-2018 | dojo |

It’s been almost 10 years since I retired.

Or at least semi-retired, if I come to study how much time I spend running my small web design business, how much time I traveled and the amount of hours I care for my daughter on an every day basis (which is quite a lot, since she’s still very attached to me).

Back in 2009 I lost my radio DJ job and had to dig myself out of debt, while also making my web design hobby intro a lucrative business. And do it fast.

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After few bumpy months, it all started to work better.

I got some good web design clients, started earning a nice income and could travel A LOT.

Spending 18 months in New York City, 2 months in Spain and more than a month in Italy, not to mention other vacations (Croatia for instance) – I could say my ‘early retirement’ looked pretty stellar.

I held a ‘regular’ 9 to 5 job for 12 months, only, between two radio jobs. Even if it was a great job, since I was working as a web designer for a friend and college mate, having to be there at 8 a clock and stay there, regardless of having to work or not, didn’t sit well with my restless heart.

So I was happy to get back to my radio shows, even if it meant having a schedule again, at least it wasn’t for long (about 4 hours/day) and, hey, radio work is sooooo cool, so it never felt like work.

Becoming the master of my time, after starting freelancing full-time –  now that was something else.

All day for myself to plan as I pleased.

And I did please to travel, be a good mother and care for my family.

But it’s not enough for me, I need my work to stay sane.

I’m one of those weird people who cannot sit still for too much time. Of course I love taking a day off. Even 2. But from the third day my mind starts planning and I become restless.

This is the reason why I always take my trusted laptop with me, if I leave for more than 2 days.

As soon as I hit the 48 hour mark, I have to work on something. Even if it’s just posting on my travel blog or tweaking a design.

We usually go for 2 weeks in Croatia (it’s our summer vacation spot for a decade now). And, after a half-day at the beach, feeding my family and putting them to bed, I take my laptop on our beautiful terrace, look at the sea and start typing.

My work is so relaxing and thrilling, that I’m not too willing to give it up.

The advantages of not fully retiring are clear:

  1. constant cash-flow – at least I won’t have to rely solely on my retirement savings, I’d get at least some of our monthly expenses (if not all) covered from my web design and blogging income.
  2. a sense of self-worth – I’ve noticed that many active retirees are actually almost depressed, when not being able to work anymore. I know a lot of older people who are still doing some part-time work to stay active and involved.
  3. it keeps those neourons in shape – doing intellectual work keeps those synapses young and active, something that’s really important to me. Being smart was always my main pride all these years, I’d like to stay in shape mentally for as long as I can.

Even now, after almost a decade of freelancing and living in a semi-retired state, I can say it’s proven to be a pretty good solution.

What about you?

Would you retire for good or, just like me, take few days off your biz and then work for a little as well?

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