How to Promote Your Startup Online and Increase Your Sales

25-10-2018 | dojo |

How to Promote Your Startup Online and Increase Your Sales

Did you create a website for your startup and found out that you need to do more to get sales?

Years ago, all you had to do was build a website and you’d get an audience for it the next day.

It’s more complicated now.

You’ve probably attended a workshop or two on how one can leverage the internet to expand business and make great sales (If you haven’t or have forgotten, you can read up about this here).

Maybe you have social media accounts set up to better promote online. And it still doesn’t bring you enough clients.

Here are 7 ways to get better website conversions from your business website:

Properly build your business website and optimize it

You can’t promote your startup effectively if you don’t have a website. I’ve met companies who spent a lot of money on advertising and failed to build a proper website. When advertising money is gone, so is your chance to get customers at your virtual door.

There’s nothing wrong with paying for advertising, but make sure you have a proper website set up, so that you can redirect all this traffic ‘somewhere’.

Optimize the site by making it visually appealing (using more pictures, videos, and great graphics), mobile friendly and making sure pages load quickly, so users can easily access it and be persuaded to stay longer on it.

You can test your site here to check if it’s mobile-friendly.

Create a business blog and update it

Over 75% of my web design clients come from my web design and SEO blog. It’s a lot of business I couldn’t get, if I failed to create a proper blog, showcasing my knowledge and convincing my clients that I can help solve their online businesses.

If you noticed, most big companies keep well updated blogs. Some spend a fortune on hiring great content writers and editors to push new articles on a daily basis (some even multiple times in a day).

Why do you think they keep on doing this?

Because it works!

So build and update your blog constantly with posts aimed at informing your clients and visitors, keeping them entertained while also carefully positioning you as the best in your niche.

It’s best if the blog is incorporated into the website for easier reach.

Make your site visible on Google (for better ranking)

Google accounts for more than 72% and 82% of Desktop/Laptop and Mobile searches globally.

That roughly means over 3 billion people out of the 4 billion internet users in the world make use of Google and can see your site and services if positioned properly.

Imagine how much sales and profit you can make if you can get this population to visit your site regularly.

Improve on your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to get Googles algorithms to notice your site and move it to/closer the first page on the SERPs.

This means that, when someone is searching for a keyword related to your company (say ‘personal loans’ or ‘credit repair company’), they’ll find your website up in the results list. The higher you can get, the better.

There are many angles to SEO but at the basic level, this is done by making use of specific and strategic keywords people are more likely to search for in your blog posts and landing pages.

Consider sponsored advertisements

If you have great content and product, and you have enough capital, you should consider making use of sponsored ads. Contact website/blog owners who pull enough traffic to their blogs and social media influencers, strike a deal with them and get them to run strategic ads on their platforms.

These people have huge audiences that can resonate with your message and turn into potential clients or further promoters. Many companies were built this way, let’s take Mint for example, who, at first, promoted heavily on finance blogs.

Write compelling ad copies or guest posts in order to make the most out of each sponsored ad. The idea is to draw them to a landing page on your website where you can sell your products or services to them.

Generate trends around your startup on social media

If you have few social media followers, make an effort to boost your numbers. The bigger your audience is, the better you can leverage this influence and get the word out there about your startup.

The most proven way to do this is by carrying out giveaways (contests) targeted at your potential clients with something they need which is within your budget.

A lot of companies use this strategy even today, even if it has years since being used by others. Again, they are using it, because it still works great.

Use email marketing

For years I stayed away from email marketing, considering it sneaky and annoying.

I personally hate any time of newsletters, since they distract me from my daily work.

Personal feelings aside, I found that newsletters, properly used, can give you a constant boost of traffic and conversions, since the people who subscribe to your email list are already one step closer to buying from you.

This strategy works amazingly well, if you properly set up a lead magnet (a free file you give as a download in exchange for their email address) and make good use of your subscribers database afterwards.

Keep them entertained on a weekly basis with engaging and exclusive content from your niche and you can sell to them easier than to some strangers who stumble across your website.

These are just few ways you can better promote your startup online.

What else would you add?

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