3 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block and Boost Productivity

06-08-2018 | Adriana Hreniucu |

How does one begin writing an article about how to overcome writer’s block?

That is the question!

Let’s just skip the dull part about how writer’s block is totally normal and how it can (and probably will) happen to anyone.

The fact of the matter is, if you side hustle on the side to make more money or if your entire business depends on writing content for the web, it doesn’t matter that even the greatest writers of all time have stared at a blank page at least a few times during their careers!

If you don’t overcome writer’s block ASAP, you’ll have a difficult time boosting your productivity and making your business work.

There are a myriad of articles online that debate this very topic: how to overcome writer’s block. Many have come up with various tricks to get the creative juices flowing and have shared their wisdom all over the internet.

Some of these tricks really work, many are rather dopey, a few I haven’t tried yet.

The fact of the matter is, every person is different. We are all unique.

Some methods work for some writers, some do not. Maybe few of the tricks work when you’re in a certain mood. Maybe not.

For instance, washing the dishes while listening to music has never worked for me. Yet, these 2 tricks to defeat writer’s block are highly recommended by so many web content writers!

So, what does work?

Personally, I’ve found these 3 ways to overcome writer’s block to be the most effective:

How to Overcome Writer's Block and Boost Productivity

Read blogs / websites within your niche to overcome writer’s block

Nothing can be more inspiring than reading about the topic you’re supposed to write about!

If you have a niche blog to maintain or one of your own, you probably know about other blogs in the same industry.

If you need to write web content for a client, doing your research while reading about the topic you’re supposed to write about can help a great deal!

Why not turn your creative twinge into something positive and catch up on what’s new?

Read about the topics you need to research and let the ideas flow.

Feel the gentle stream of endless revelation!

In other words, get busy writing when you’re done!

Get your inspiration from blog comments or forums

You never know when someone might come along on a blog and leave a comment so intriguing, it inspires you to write a full article about it!

Same strategy applies if you read people’s opinions on forums as well.

Instead of limiting yourself to just reading one person’s opinion (the author’s or the topic starter), scroll down and see what others are have to say.

Instead of being a passive reader, you could kill 2 birds with 1 stone: you – at last! – have your idea for your article and you’re probably done with your topic research as well.

“Ask” social media: do a quick hashtag research

What better way to put social media to good use than by using it for your freelancing business?

Use your business social media accounts to look for what’s “trending”.

Hashtags may be a modern trend, but when you need to research a topic for your writing business, you can use them to brainstorm myriad ideas and optimize your content accordingly.

These are 3 great ways to overcome writer’s block that really work!

Although stepping away from your computer to clear your mind sounds nice, it won’t help if you need to meet a very strict deadline! Finding the best way to boost your productivity is key to making your clients happy.

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