How to Save Money on Braces

26-06-2018 | dojo |

How to Save Money on Braces

Braces, can’t stand them, can’t live without them, if you want a perfect smile for your kids or yourself.

The bad news with the orthodontic treatment is that, while the results are awesome, the costs are really steep, especially for some modern types (Incognito, Invisalign etc.)

The good news is that not all treatments are as expensive and not all orthodontists charge an arm and a leg for your braces, so there are ways to cut costs and save money.


Before we go into details, please be careful with your saving goals. While trying to get a good cost for your orthodontic treatment is a good idea, don’t skimp on quality or on your doctor’s experience. If you are being treated by someone who is not as experienced, you stand the chance to re-do your treatment so your savings won’t matter anymore.

So, if we are now clear that you will try and find THE BEST doctor for your case and a good brace system, there are still ways to save money and get an excellent service.

Start saving money as soon as possible

If you have a kid, chances are he or she will need braces one day. This is why, starting saving some money early would be a good idea.

Orthodontic treatment for your kid can go up to $ 5,000 or similar, if you saved 50 bucks/month just for this, in 10 years you’d have 6 thousand bucks ready for the treatment.

Avoid fancy treatments

I started out with Damon braces, a self-ligating type that’s fast and effective. Afterwards, not wanting to show a ‘metal mouth’, I decided to go with Invisalign.

Big mistake, since in my case Invisalign wasn’t the best idea. It’s more suitable for simple cases, my dental issues were pretty complex, so it was a waste of time.

I didn’t have to pay for the treatment (had a barter with my orthodontist), but it messed up my entire treatment.

I’ll probably have to resume treatment in few months and you can bet I’ll choose Damon and nothing too fancy.

Start the treatment earlier

While you cannot start it during your teenage years as an adult, in your kids’ case, go for an orthodontic checkup when the kid is about 7-8 years of age.

It’s a good moment for the orthodontist to notice any issues and come up with a treatment plan.

In some cases the treatment can be more preventive (using an expander, for instance, to prevent teeth crowding) and cost less.

Seek dental schools

Students need patients to work on and these treatments are usually for free. In case you wonder if it’s a good idea to get your dental health in a beginner’s hands, don’t forget these students work with experienced dentists and orthodontists, so you are in good hands.

Ask for a payment plan

Most orthodontic practices offer payment plans without any fees or interest. This allows you to pay for the treatment in smaller ‘chunks’, which are easier for you to manage.

Shop around

Most of the time the initial consultation is free, so you can afford to see more orthodontists and then decide on who to accept for your treatment. This also allows you to find out about the total costs and make a more educated guess on what’s better for you.

Again, don’t take this frugality too far, you don’t want someone who is sub-par to handle your orthodontic treatment. It’s the type of ‘investment’ that is worth its money and you need to find the best professional you can and not undermine your entire treatment.

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